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FM WhatsApp Download APK

FM WhatsApp apk is the latest version with many modifications and enables users to enjoy several updated features. This WhatsApp consists of free unlocked characteristics, which you can use free of cost. So you can hide the status from the contacts you want and enable users to add classes without showing themselves online. Therefore, the app helps you chat with friends and share unlimited videos.

FeaturesUnlimited option
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Another fantastic thing about this FM WhatsApp apk is that you can add large videos on the status and voice notes. In addition, a bundle of stickers is also available in this app’s stock, and you will enjoy endless fun here. Thus, if you are sick of the previous version and the limited approach, this is the time to switch to a modified app. This app will be the perfect choice for you and you will have the premium option to experience here.

If you want to know the details of this pro version of FMWA, keep reading this article. You will surely get enough detail by the end of this content.

About the FM WhatsApp

There are a lot of versions of WhatsApp that allow the features that the original one doesn’t give, but no one can beat this FM WhatsApp version. So, all the discovered apps now lack something and there comes space to fill. Thus, this version was developed to fill the urgently needed gap. The developers of this version carefully design this model and display to make it easy to use. This WhatsApp also doesn’t take up ample space in your phone.

FM WhatsApp Download

Are you aware that with this mod app, you can hide your online option and view updates on your status? If not, then you should know about these details. The good news is that this FMWA is quick to install, and the developers have also launched the guide for you. You can choose the features you want here unlocked in your phone. Moreover, unlike other apps, this version has the capacity for ample data storage.

Impeccable Features of FM WhatsApp APK

There are various epic features available in this mod version. The developers keep on updating them after two days. Thus, whenever you open FM WhatsApp Apk, there’s an addition to the new feature. Hence, it is the best app, allowing you more fun moments. Let’s get some details about the pro features and their functions.

Enhanced protection


In recent times, a news breakout about WhatsApp leaking user’s information. So, taking the news seriously, the concerned parties deleted the app and switched to other apps. There was a dire need for the secured version with updated mode. Thus, this FM version with modified characteristics was launched. You can chat, share and call without worrying about your data or privacy.

Don’t show the last seen


This is one of the most liked features of this FMWhatsApp apk. So, the feature is about the mode you can choose when you don’t want to show up for someone. Thus, when someone opens your profile, they wouldn’t be able to see it the last time you were online. This is the safest way to remain secure under undesirable situations. Use this app and stay invisible all the time.

Customization options


You can customize the app according to your taste. This feature has been introduced in WhatsApp for the first time, and users enjoy it. In addition, you can add themes, colors, chat styles, and more. So, it should be enough to keep hanging for one app and leave the one which doesn’t allow many options.

No need to add contacts


So, here is the major problem that this mod version has solved. You can chat, message, or call an unsaved number. If you are a regular user of WhatsApp, then you might know this is not possible in the standard version. Hence, you can enjoy the perks and messages here without having the person in your contact list.

Large group

Large group

You can add more than 500 people to a group in this mod version. This feature was not allowed in the original version and now you have unlimited access. Thus, the best part is that you can simultaneously send multiple images to people. There was a specific limit at which you could upload, but now this limit is no more. Therefore, do whatever you want using this premium app.

Easy interface

Easy interface

The interface of any app is essential for the users because they are the sole decision maker for the success of the software. Thus, the FMwhastapp is developed with a unique but straightforward display for the user’s facility. You will find it very easy to use and enjoy endless fun without any difficulty. Additionally, it is clear to update with just one click.

How is FMWhatsApp Different from the Original one?

The features mentioned above prove that this version is the best choice. So, no app is better than FMWhatsApp when discussing the complete package. You can use this one to hide last seen, hiding status, secret chats, excellent quality video calling service, and much more. Thus, you must be searching for the app with the full privacy policy and here is the one we introduced.


Also the primary and exclusive mode is available with a light plus dark theme. You can switch the music of your choice whenever you want. Additionally, the avatar and customization option makes it more demanding. So, to add more information, we would like to tell you about the languages this app offers. Yes, now you can chat with your friends no matter where they belong. The keyboard is designed with multilingual options.

Advantages of FMWhatsApp Apk

Let’s talk about the several advantages of FMWhatsApp Apk. The developers have precisely put on every feature, making it easy to understand the functioning.

No payment


FMWhatsApp never demands any money from the users at the time of download. You can install the app without buying any subscription. On the other hand, many internet apps demand a large amount of money. You don’t have to buy the premium features because all are unlocked in this mod version.

Free from ads


This is another holistic advantage of this mod app. You will not get disturbed by the ads. Usually, the mod apps enable the ads, which keep popping up while you chat with friends. Thus, there will be no interruption anymore with the use of this WhatsApp version.

HD quality video calling


HD-quality video calling service was never possible before the launch of this premium version. Thus, from the time this pro mode has come, users are taking immense advantage. So, now you will enjoy unlimited HD-quality video and audio calling services from anywhere. The internet connection might be a problem, but that’s not the app’s fault. It would help if you kept checking your WiFi connection.

Create your Avatar


You can create your custom avatar, which is the best feature of 2023. FMWhatsApp has brought this latest update, and there are avatars for males and females. You can choose the dress, style, color and everything you want. Additionally, you can set the avatar as your display picture as well.

Occupy less space


Undoubtedly, it is an app with many features, but still, this is the most significant advantage of the mod version over the original one in that it occupies less space. Thus, you don’t have to remove several files to make space for the app. You can install this one on your phone memory as it is not heavy. Moreover, it never clutches your home screen’s menu and goes smoothly with mobile functioning.

User Guide for FMWhatsApp Download 2023

Now that you have enough details about the app, it is time to download it. So, you must start by checking your internet and remember that the signals flow well. Thus, after that, you should check out both the Android and Windows versions of FMWhatsApp. This app is available for multiple platforms.

Version 9.81
App byFoudMods
Features status download, hide all options etc
Updated1 day ago

Thus, open the play store and search for the app by typing the name in the bar. You will find the app in the top options. You can also check it on google and visit the official site for a mod link. So, choose the chance that you find the most suitable for you. Now, click the green “FM WhatsApp download” tab and wait for the download to finish.

Once the download gets completed, you can go for the installation process. So, just like downloading, installing the app is also very easy. You will get it quickly, and not much effort is required. Thus, the thing you have to do is to open the settings and search for the accessibility option. Now when you open it, you will see the unknown sources tab. Therefore, click those options and tap allow. Go back to the app and open it to complete the installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions About FM WhatsApp

Can I delete the sent messages from chat?

Of course, you can delete the messages from chat whenever you want. Suppose you have mistakenly sent a message and want to remove it now from the conversation. There is the delete option available. Just tap on the delete option and click on delete for everyone. Thus, in this way, the message cannot be seen by the recipient.

Should I remove the original app before downloading the mod version?

You must delete the original version first to download the updated one. Both apps cannot be run at the same time. Thus, never forget to remove one before adding the other. It can ultimately hang your phone, which can be a big problem.

Is this a secure app for my phone?

FMWhatsApp download is the safest option to choose. You can download the file without encountering any Cyber attack or virus attack. Additionally, there are no malware or bugs available on the app. You can experience smooth functioning here without being targeted by errors.

Is it possible to remove the display picture in this app?

Removing or adding the display picture is possible, and it’s entirely your choice. Thus, both options are available. You can choose to add the profile picture and also can remove it whenever you want. When you don’t have the display picture, a male or female blank shadow takes up the space.

Why is it called FM WhatsApp mod?

This is because the modified version and the original one are pretty similar. This version is specially made to help users explore more options not available in the previous one. You will find this one more open for accessibility and entertainment. Thus, try this one and you’ll never go anywhere else after use.

Final Verdict

This was the detailed guide about the FMWA apk. Here you learn about the functions, pro characteristics, advantages, FM WhatsApp download process, and direction. So, you might be amazed a bit more after trying it. Thus, you should read the complete content to understand the app and gain knowledge about its features.

So, after you read the guide, you should download the app now. The app is available without any paid subscription. You can also contact us for more information and queries about the app. Many more articles are given on amazing apps that can significantly help you. Hence, keep on reading here and explore.